Friday, February 26, 2010

Chinese Calligraphy at Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore

Just completed Chinese calligraphy service for an event at Goodwood Park Singapore.Nice lion dance decoration.


  1. I luuurve Chinese calligraphy and wish I could do it... which isn't SUCH a distant prospect as I'm learning Japanese already (and want to do Chinese as well in the future)... so far I know 175 characters (is this good or bad?) I'm on lesson 6 in the book, which is romanized ~ so every word they print I have to look up, double check and look up again in the kanji dicionary that tells me how to write it. My handwriting probably looks like a 12 year old girl's (too precise and neat to be authentic) but at this stage I think I'd rather be too neat than try and scribble it and be incomprehensible. How on earth Chinese and Japanese handwriting works (ie the process of simplification) is still a mystery to me... but hey!

  2. PS do you write in the traditional or simplified forms... or both? And what do you think of simplified Chinese?